Clarkfield Gym Remodel

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As many of you may know, I am in the process of getting the Clarkfield High School Gym. The plan in place is to wait until demo of the School building is done and the Gym is left standing. Once that happens, the building will be turned over to me for my program Redemption Basketball Academy. This is a Fall-Winter project so my time to prepare for this big move will take time. I am asking for help in remodel costs because I am 100% in this for the kids!! The relationships and bonds they get from meeting great coaches and new teammates can change their lives! This building will represent Southwest Minnesota on a whole other level and I am beyond excited for the future of these athletes!!

Clarkfield School has been abandon for years. Kendra Lindblad of Redemption Basketball Academy reached out to the City of Clarkfield to discuss the use of the facility. After months of discussion, they came up with an agreement to tear down the school building section and leave the 1970s High School Gym for Kendra to run her business out of. 

Redemption Basketball Academy is a program that gives athletes of all skill levels a place to develop and enhance their skills on the basketball court. Working with hundreds of athletes in the Southwest Minnesota Region, Kendra is hoping to expand her platform to a Sports Academy for all sports needs, including Sports specific Lifting programs and more.  Once official, the gym will need many updates and remodels. The goal is to provide a safe and functional place where these student athletes can better themselves in a positive environment! Any donations to help the youth succeed is much appreciated! All money raised will go directly to the remodel costs. 

Stay posted for milestone giveaways:
Free Camps, Free trainings, Free apparel!! 

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